Me? I’m a dreamer. I love music, rain, real conversations, sand between my toes, Sundays, airports, road tripping, and white chocolate mochas. I journal as if my life depended on it. Big hugs make my heart happy. Quiet, slow mornings with a cup of tea are my favorite. People and their stories intrigue me. I believe joy is found in the little things, and in the simple moments.

This is the world as I see it. I look for beauty in the ordinary, the beauty found in a passing moment of raw, bare life. I love nothing more than capturing something real, whether it’s a smile of true joy and eyes filled with genuine emotion, the way one hand fits perfectly in another, or the lovely simplicity of steam curling up from a cup of coffee, of sunlight dancing in dew-drenched grass.

I want to show it how it is, capturing a moment in time as it becomes a memory.

I want to show you how the world looks through my eyes.

~ Heather Anne


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